Residential Building Permits


  • Building application must be filled out with general description of proposed work and all contractor information.
    Full Building Application (PDF) | Simplified Building Application (PDF)
  • Application is to be accompanied by 2 sets of construction documents. One set may be submitted as long as a complete copy is kept at the job site at the time of all inspections to be determined by a Building Official. Plans shall be drawn to scale and shall be of sufficient clarity test to indicate the nature and extent of the work proposed and shall show in detail that it will conform to provisions of the code and all relevant laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations. One complete set of approved plans (when required by the Building Official) shall be maintained at job site.
  • Plans shall include a plot plan drawn to scale showing the location of all easements, drainage facilities, adjacent grades, property lines, the proposed building, and every other building existing on the property. Plans to also include footing and foundation plan, floor plan of all floors and exterior elevation of front, rear, and sides.
  • In case of demolition, the site plan shall show all construction to be demolished and location and size of all existing structures as well as construction that is to remain on site or plot.
  • When required by the Building Official, and in the absence of data from immediately adjacent areas, a soil investigation report shall be prepared by a registered design professional, at the expense of the owner.

Codes Enforced by the City of Fairview Heights

    • 2011 NEC
    • 2021 International Fire Code 
    • 2021 International Residential Code
    • 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (residential exempted)
    • 2021 Plumbing Code 
    • 2021 International Fuel Gas Code 
    • ADA American Disabilities Act 
    • IAC Illinois Accessibility Code (04/24/97)

Occupancy Permits

The City requires the inspection of all dwelling units each time there is a change of occupancy, whether the dwelling is owner-occupied or rented. The City inspection is a limited, visual inspection of the home to determine that the minimum Code requirements are met. This inspection is not intended to replace the "whole house inspection" that is frequently recommended by your realtor and which is far more detailed than the City's inspection.

Once the dwelling has successfully passed the City housing inspection, the tenant is required to secure an Occupancy Permit. You may schedule your inspection by calling the Land Use and Development Department at 618-489-2060. The schedule for housing inspections fills up very quickly during the summer months while residents are relocating, and it is recommended that you make your appointments early.