Accessory Structures

A permit is required for installation of your accessory structure. Examples of accessory structures are storage buildings that exceed 200 square feet of floor area, swimming pools of more than 24 inches in depth, and detached garages. Proper placement on your property is a must. To avoid undue expense and inconvenience, please check with our office.


  • An accessory structure shall be:
    • A minimum distance of 10 feet from the principal building.
    • A minimum distance of 25 feet from a side lot line that is adjacent to a street.
    • A minimum distance of 5 feet from the side lot line and 7 and a half feet from the rear lot line.
    • A minimum distance of 60 feet from the front lot line.
  • Any attached accessory building or structure shall be considered as a part of the principal building.
  • The maximum heights of any accessory buildings shall not exceed the height of the principal building or 25 feet, whichever is less. Other accessory structures shall not exceed 25 feet in height.
  • The number of accessory buildings or structures shall not exceed 2 per lot except by Special Use Permit (PDF).

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