Fence Guidelines

Though no permit is required for fencing, there are some rules that do apply. Please check with our office before installing your fence. Fences and walls may be located within the front, rear, and side yard setback areas.

Fencing Rules

  • Fences and walls shall not exceed 8 feet in height above grade within the side and rear yards or 4 feet in height above grade in a required front yard on residential zoned property.
  • Where lots have reverse frontage on a public street or alley, fences and walls may have a height of 8 feet or less along the rear property line.
  • Corner lots which have rear yards back-to-back may have fences and walls of 8 feet or less within the side yard abutting a street.
  • When a side entry garage exists or rear yard abuts side yard, then fences or walls may not exceed a height of 4 feet in height within the required side yard abutting a street.
  • A fence required for safety and protection from hazard or nuisance may be exempt from the height limitations of this subsection. Approval to exceed maximum height limitations requires Area or Bulk Variance as determined by the Zoning Board of Appeals.