Occupancy Permits

All rental and owner-occupied property within the Corporate limits of the City of Fairview Heights is required to have an updated Occupancy Permit on file with the Land Use and Development Department. Any changes in tenancy requires the Occupancy Permit to be updated by the tenants and/or owner of record.

Obtaining an Occupancy Permit

The property must have passed a Property Maintenance Inspection within the last 12 months, the requirements of which are outlined in the Property Maintenance Inspection Guide (PDF). You may schedule and verify inspections with the Land Use and Development Department at 618-489-2060, or submit a request to schedule online, via this Link. This inspection must be scheduled by the property owner or manager.

Once the property has passed inspection, complete the Application for Occupancy Permit (PDF). Submit this application and permit fee to City Hall, and the Occupancy Permit will be issued once the application and fee are secured.


  • Updates to existing Occupancy Permits for rental property may require the owner and/or landlord's approval prior to any change becoming finalized.
  • Owners or property managers of rental property must have a valid license through the Residential Renters License Program. Contact the City Clerk's Office at 618-489-2000 for more information.