Public Works Divisions

A group of men using equipment in a parking lot.
Man working on a police car under the hood.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department consists of the Engineers and the Street Department. The Engineers' duties include plan review (public and private), department budget preparation, project management, office administration, as well as other tasks.

Street Department

The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance and upgrades to all City-owned streets and drainage systems. Other duties include right-of-way mowing, street sweeping, snow removal, and various city-wide projects. The Street Department is also in charge of asphalt street overlays, concrete slab replacement, and the oil/chipping program.

Municipal Complex Division

The Municipal Complex Division of the Public Works Department is in charge of the maintenance of all City of Fairview Heights buildings. These buildings include City Hall, Parks and Recreation Department, Library, City Garage, and the new Police Department. The staff for this division has duties that include keeping all City buildings in operation mechanically and physically, as well as cleaning all buildings.

Vehicle Maintenance Division

The Vehicle Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is in charge of maintenance of over 55 cars, vans, and various-sized trucks, as well as keeping 24 major pieces of equipment in operation. In addition to these items, the department also maintains chain saws, weed whips, lawn mowers, and other equipment for all City departments.